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Analysing Data

Data Protection Assessment

Current pitfalls in Data protection

How do you guarantee that a data backed up four years back using then version of the middle-ware/backup-utility, can be restored today? Are you confident ? There could be your hidden risks. Unless you uncover and resolve, the bomb could go off anytime. The clock is ticking !

Does your Data protection strategy include virtual machines, containers and cloud? Do you have an integrated strategy ? Many organizations are unclear.

Make no mistake, many of us procrastinate when it comes to protecting our own data. The enterprise Backup story is different. Here, the automation ensures, that the Backup happens regularly. But, the backed-up data is not regularly tested for its restorability and usability. Similarly, there could be other challenges like insufficient-capacity, failed backups, missed backups and outdated software and hardware. 

Data protection assessment service 

This essential service offering from Dataever Consulting helps enterprises by identifying, overcoming the backup/restore pitfalls and enhancing the overall Data protection maturity. The five-day consulting service involves detailed data collection, interviews and workshops. This assessment captures the current challenges, gaps, and future requirements. Following the data collection and based on the analysis of data, a detailed set of recommendations incorporating new all-environment-solutions (cloud, VM), the latest-technologies, industry good practices, process improvements and policy enhancements are documented and presented. 

PDF Executive Brief

Who can benefit from this service?

All organizations and enterprises for whom the business impact of a disruption is huge and hence want to recover rapidly. Organizations and enterprises which are governed by the Data protection regulations and are always ready to prove to regulators that they have high Data protection maturity. All organizations who want to have a robust Data protection strategy.

Value to customer

Low-cost DR solution: Use Data protection to provide a low-cost Disaster Recovery for certain class of Disasters. Why not ?

Protect an enterprise’s critical assets like customer data.

Ransomware attack protection: Recommendations can also include the latest Data protection strategy for prevention against Ransomware attack, Cloud, VM and container environments

Robust strategy and Risk mitigation: Experienced consultants to ensure robust Data protection strategy covering Regulatory compliance and Risk Mitigation

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