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Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)


Article 35 of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) obligates a DPIA, whenever data processing by an organization could result in a high risk. A Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) is same as a DPIA. Non-compliance to DPIA clause may result in fine. In future, DPIA like requirements can be expected to come into effect in more countries.

Service Description

This service pertains to a data protection assessment. A DPIA is a way for organizations to systematically and comprehensively analyze organization’s Data inventory and ensure Personal Data (PD) is processed as per laws/regulations. Whether an organization is covered today or in future under a Privacy Law, the Dataever Consulting strongly recommends every organization to perform a DPIA. 

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Who can benefit from this service?

All organizations which are covered under the Privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

All organizations interested in mitigating Privacy risks and implementing Data Governance 

Value to Organizations

 Risk identification and mitigation: DPIA service helps organizations to identify and mitigate Data Privacy related risks. Thus this service protects the organizations against fines and negative publicity.

Privacy Compliance and Data Governance : This service prepares organizations to be compliant to the current and future Privacy Laws. Incorporate Privacy principles part of Data Governance 

Industry Good Practice: With this service, consultants with global advisory experience in Data Privacy, will guide organizations to integrate DPIA Good Practice as part of the standard organizational process.

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