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Technology Class

AI/HPC Advisory


Technology strategy is the most important lever that a CIO possesses to make certain that IT is indeed a Business enabler. As part of that Technology strategy, many organizations want, Artificial Intelligence (AI) to play the pivotal role.  

As the HPC system manufacturers launch newer, faster and energy-efficient products in the market, organizations should adopt them rapidly. It is beneficial for their business in more ways than one.

Service Description

Being an advisory service, this offering can take different forms. Some of the ways in which this service could help customers are defining AI/HPC strategy, cloud strategy, Data strategy, launching new AI initiatives, building new AI/HPC teams, bringing up AI/HPC infrastructure and application platform migration.  

PDF Executive Brief

Who can benefit from this service?

CTOs, CIOs, Leadership and Technology decision makers

Customer Benefits

Provides Thought leadership

Provides competitive edge to the business by transforming IT to be a Business enabler

Helps organizations to focus more on the research/domain/functional aspects and less on systems thus saving several precious researcher/technologist hours for the organization

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