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Technical Updates


Open Radioss

With Radioss software, Altair has been solving very complex structural analaysis, fluid-sturcture interactions and
many such engineering and research problems. With such in-depth software,Altair has now open sourced the industry proven
crash analysis code Radioss. Radioss is now available as Open Radioss to the Open user community. All the relevant
information is now easily available in the following link
The information includes Open Radioss documentation amongst other things such download link and models. Simultaneously,
Academicians,industry-professionals, and researchers have started a Open Radioss user community in 2022.
Immediate upcoming event is OpenRadioss Users’ Day to be held on 27th June 2023, Aachen, Germany. Visit the link to
know more about this meeting



New features in OpenMP 5.1 and OpenMP 5.2

This article discusses recent features implemented in the GCC compiler version 12, the latest stable release. The new features were implemented as a joint effort between Red Hat and CodeSourcery, now a part of Siemens EDA.

OpenMP is an API consisting of compiler directives and library routines that implement high-level parallelism in C and C++ as well as Fortran. OpenMP version 5.1 was released in November 2020, and version 5.2 was released in November 2021. Support for various OpenMP 5.1 features has been added. But GCC 12 does not yet have complete support for OpenMP 5.0, and work is ongoing in GCC 13.

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