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What is Design Thinking?

 Lifetime contribution of Patricia Moore and Don Norman shaped the Human Centred Design. Design Thinking is a powerful concept that has been revolutionizing the world of design. The quote, “make it simple but significant” perfectly describes the Design Thinking concept. The individuals are opening their creative eyes and organizations are gaining new insights into products, services and solutions.

Service Description

This service is a two day Design Thinking workshop for cross-functional team of leaders within an organization. The teams pick up their business-specific Design challenge. The participants, then ideate and develop solution alternatives. They, then create a prototype of a selected solution idea. The teams let the end-user to test the prototype. After incorporating the end-user feedback, the teams arrive at the final solution.

Who can benefit from this service?

All different types and sizes of organizations across the globe including Government, manufacturing, retail organizations, BFSI and telecom enterprises and IT/ ITES can organize a Design Thinking workshop by opting for this service. Even NGOs and educational institutes can benefit from this service.

Value to Customer 

Solve the Right Problem: Before jumping into solutions, the workshop participants first question themselves with “are we solving the right problem?”. Refine, revise and redefine.

Co-creation out of collaboration: Cross functional team members from different Business units collaborate together and ideate to co-create a product /service /solution to a problem

Outcome Driven: Deliver a solution prototype at the end of the workshop.Take some live scenario like new product innovation as a Design Challenge, create a prototype, test it and deliver it.

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