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HPC/AI Training for Scientists/Engineers


As the HPC system manufacturers launch newer, faster and energy-efficient products in the market, organizations should adopt them rapidly. It is beneficial for their business in more than one way.
After investing in the latest technologies, organizations’ next focus should be in maximizing the utilization leading to higher ROI. One of the key strategies for realizing this is to ensure that all the technology teams are well trained.

Service Description

This service imparts advanced training on the latest HPC/AI skills to technology teams. The training will cover all the important topics including H/W system architecture, accelerators/GPUs, network, storage, performance, distributed programming framework, and applications.

PDF Executive Brief

Who can benefit from this service?

Government, Manufacturing and Research organizations, which are interested in extracting the maximum performance out of their HPC systems. which are planning to launch new HPC/AI projects and build a new team.

Customer Benefits

Training on High-end systems ensure users exploit its state-of-the-art features

Golden opportunity for research scientists to learn more about industry Good Practices

Training help organisations to continue focus on the research frontiers with state-of-the-art products

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