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Process, Application and Infrastructure Recoverability Maturity Assessment


If an organization's DR/BCP capability need to be comprehensive, then it needs to adapt an established framework such as PDCA cycle.

     Plan    - Design a DR/BCP solution 

     Do       - Implement

     Check - Performance monitor,gap analysis , improve actions

     Act      - implement actions

Continual Improvement of DR/BCP can be achieved with the help of PDCA

Service Description

This service does a comprehensive assessment of organization's DR/BCP solution covering process, application, data, technology, facilities and people. The assessment will align with PDCA framework and ISO 22301 management system standard. The approach is based on data collection, interviews and a Business Resilience workshop with customer team. Typically, this service is a two weeks engagement. However, depending on the scope of the customer environment, the duration of the assessment could vary.  The most important outcome of this assessment is a set of improvement actions. If an organization implements the suggested improvement actions, the overall Business Resilience of the organization will improve. This assessment will also capture and highlight single point of failures in the DR solution.

PDF Executive Brief

Who can benefit from this service?

Banking and Financial services organizations, IT/ITES, and other enterprises for whom the business impact of outage is high.  For those organizations who are keen to adapt International Business Continuity best practices, this service will be helpful.

Value to customer

Business Resilience: This service helps organizations to improve the overall Business Resilience of an organization 

Global Best Practices: Validation with management system ISO 22301. This objective assessment provides unbiased and cost effective disaster recovery improvement actions/projects.

Continual Improvement: The value of this service to a customer is Continual Improvement of DR/BCP. CI will enable an organization to minimize risk, reduce business impact of outage and be compliant. 

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